Jody Sinclair Artwork For Green & The Grey
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Image of Jody Sinclair


Image of Jody Sinclair


"And I lost seasons to false reasons for the last time."

Green & The Grey is the latest single from Jódy Sinclair, a solo artist from Wicklow in Ireland, featuring grammy-nominated Trivium frontman Matt Heafy. The pair have been close friends for years bonding through music and video games but hadn't collaborated on original music until now coming about as the result of a discussion they had about mental health years ago.

"This song is something positive born out of a negative time in my life. I remember speaking with Matt a long time ago when I was struggling through some mental health s**t and his advice was to take that energy and go channel it into art. Like really let it take over and create something positive from it because that's what he'd done when he was going through something similar. Ever since then, that's what I've always done; so when I had this song written, knew the direction it was going and the underlying theme it had, I knew Matt would be the one for it. It's an honour to have not only one of my closest friends but a true legend in music on one of my songs."

Growing up Jódy gained experience while playing in alternative and rock bands and in musical projects around Dublin and has now decided to take the leap and focus exclusively on a solo endeavour in which he attempts to fuse technical aspects of musicianship with flowing melodies; his main ethos being that he writes music that he hopes people become old friends with.

His debut single ‘Get Lost With Me’ took off with great success reaching #6 on the iTunes Irish chart and gaining airplay on national radio and international success on the livestreaming platform Twitch having been played regularly to tens of thousands of viewers across multiple channels. The song reached over 6,500 plays in one week of its release despite being limited to a makeshift release during the first lockdown.

With lockdown proving to be a great time for writing, Jódy has lined up multiple releases set to come out over the next year in addition to a debut headline gig in the Autumn.

Image of Jody Sinclair